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Our Product

Medaasi Duuka is your one stop end to end mobile app that connects manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and delivery services.

Medaasi Duuka ensures a seamless flow of goods right from the manufacturer’s warehouse up to the retailer’s. By doing this, we will automatically energize your business by giving you the opportunity to leverage off new efficiencies.

Our Culture

At Medaasi , we work round the clock to connect various businesses.
That's why it's important that our workforce reflects the work ethic of the people we serve .

Hiring hard working people from different walks of life helps us make good
decisions and create better products.

Our Principles


We take a market systems approach and focus on building resillience in bottom of the pyramid people with a pro-poor approach to our development model


We purpose to offer value that translates into consistent growth to our partners and self


Our platform and partnerships are derived from the basic human perspective of trust and dignity. We shall not exploit nor build platforms that put our community at any risk in the course of doing business with us. We shall do no harm

Contact Us

Ark House , level 5 ,Plot 52 Kanjokya Street

P.O.Box 26758 Kampala - Uganda

+256200 909 065

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